Nature Photography Adventures

Field Trip to Effie Yeaw Nature Area

Dates: Sunday February 18
  Saturday March 17
  Saturday April 7
Cost: $125/person
Field Trips

Treat your favorite photographer to a Nature Photography Adventure they'll never forget! We offer attractive gift certificates specifying the dollar amount that may used towards a scheduled trip of the recepients choice. It also informs the recepient that it is a special gift from you!
Spider and web in the Effie Yeaw Nature AreaWithout a doubt, this is the best spot in Sacramento for all around nature photography! I used to work here as the staff naturalist and I've shot lots of film here since. I plan to lead a trip here each month to explore the 80-acre nature area, with it's beautiful riparian habitat, secluded ponds, oak woodlands, and American River scenics. Highlights should include deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, some beautiful scenic shots, and some great macro opportunities. We'll start shooting at sunrise to get the mist on the river and I will try some predator calls to coax in a gray fox or a coyote! After lunch, we'll go inside the Effie Yeaw Nature Center and I'll share with you some of my slides from across North America, illustrating many of the nature and wildlife photography techniques we've discussed in the field. Then it's back outdoors for the afternoon until sunset when a most amazing phenomenon occurs: I will position us so we are right in the flight path of the wild turkeys as they launch themselves from the bluff into the oak trees where they roost for the night; an exciting and comical way to end the day's photography adventure!  
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